Minimum order of 4000 pcs of your choice. For orders below this quantity or trial order contact us directly on info@vipi.it

About us

We produce our bullets proudly , with the finest materials available in Europe, in order to ensure the best performance in every shot fired. Our process starts with a lead billet extruded into wires. The wires are then swaged into a lead core, and finally restruck once again. Although not common in the industry, this process produces a more uniform bullet, with a more precise diameter and a smoother finish for a better shooting and a better looking product.

We treat free sale products, designed for the Sports Shooting, Shooting Range and Practical Shooting market.
Here you can buy high-quality and high performance coated bullets of our production: Copper Plated, Iridium, Black Eagle and Golden Fox.
They are among the most accurate on the market: our shooters for years win or qualify in the first places of all leagues. Our bullets are authorized for use at the range even indoors because they do not smoke, do not get dirty and have a very low bounce coefficient.

To complete our offer, we also propose in our online shop the following equipment for sports charging: clothing, cleaning and lubrication products, small accessories and spare parts.